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The HGV Training Centre is the UK’s largest provider of LGV / HGV Training. With access to over 50 training centres across the country, we have the biggest network of locations and vehicles available anywhere. The HGV Training Centre has decades of experience in training candidates from scratch, all the way through to high-paying placements as an HGV driver. But we don’t stop there. We also offer training across the whole range of DVLA licence categories including PCV (bus licences), Fork Lift Training and all elements of the new Driver CPC. We are accredited and approved by all the main industry bodies including the FTA (Freight Transport Association). We offer official DSA (Driver Standard Agency) examinations and all categories are added and endorsed by the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency.

Careers through the HGV Training Centre

We are not just a training provider. The HGV Training Centre prides itself on its contacts and networks that assist new licence-holders into employment. Just check out our Jobs section, there are literally 1000’s of positions available across the UK, which all need filling with the right driver. Not only do we have a dedicated area on the site for job location – but we are connected and have contracts with some of the largest employment agencies in the UK. It’s in our interest to find you a job – we get paid by these agencies if we can assist in filling vacancies. Once you have completed your licence acquisition and passed your DSA examination, we’ll work with you to try and find that perfect driving job. Nationwide estimates put the ‘Driver Shortage’ between 20,000 to 40,000 – this means that when you’ve passed, with a little bit of patience and our help, you’ll be a sought after employee with all the best qualifications.

More than a just a licence

The HGV Training Centre prides itself on customer service. We don’t just send you a load of forms and sit back waiting for you to do all the work. Once you’ve signed up for one of our courses you’ll be allocated a specialist Training Co-ordinator (TC) – who will be with you at every step of the way. Our Co-ordinators our specially trained and are on hand whenever you need them. They will assist and guide you through the licence acquisition process – which can be daunting and intimidating if you don’t know what you’re doing. Our  TC’s will help you complete forms, assist in arranging medicals, help out with software issues and generally be on hand to ease your journey from trainee to fully-fledged HGV driver. A lot of our TC’s are ex-truckers – so they really understand and appreciate what it is you’re going through. We turn a complicated and potentially stressful process into a smooth, effortless transaction – and our testimonials and huge client base will back this up.

What we’ll do for you

The HGV Training Centre will literally do it all! Well – we can’t take your driving test for you but we can ensure that everything you receive training-wise will be of the highest possible standard. Take a look what we offer for an HGV Cat C Course:

  • Full provisional licence application pack (we’ll even part-complete the eight page DVLA form for you)
  • Full medical application pack with medicals guaranteed to the lowest price in the UK
  • State-of-the-art Theory Test Training Software – this piece of kit has been developed with the DSA, we’ve even got a smartphone App which allows you to learn on the go. We’ll also track your progress through our servers and let you know when we think you’re ready for the real thing.
  • Complete booking, registration and examination facility for both parts of your Theory Test. We’ll book it; pay for it then SMS you so you know where to be and when. All you need to do is your homework!
  • Full 16hr DSA registered instruction at a choice of over 50 centres. Once you’ve completed the above, we’ll book you in for your full HGV Training Course. You’ll get 1-2-1 tuition from some of the best instructors around, guys with years of experience and a reputation for getting people successfully through their courses.
  • Complete DSA Examination – once you’ve completed your course we’ll have you ready for your DSA Test. We’ll have pre-booked and pre-named your test, you’ll drive there with your instructor for some last minute tuition – then it’s over to you!
  • Then we’ll assist you with your job-search and hopefully you’ll find work ASAP.
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Hassle Free HGV / LGV Training!

Here at The HGV Training Centre, we will literally do everything for you! All the complicated forms, medicals, theory tests etc are organised by us, for you. We’ll send you text messages, we’ll tell you where to be and at what time, all you have to do is follow our instructions and turn up!

Pass Rates of over 92%

We pride ourselves on your success! Our unique Theory Training Software has ensured over 9/10 people get through the tricky Theory Test 1st time. The same for the driving test – if you sign up for our Pass Protection Plan, you’ll be looking at the best success rate of any school.

Getting Qualified Guide

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Receive your ‘Starter Pack’ containing all forms, application packs, online training software and provisional course dates.

Attend your discounted “Driver Medical”.

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Pass your 'Theory Test' with help from our unique online training kit.

Attend your selected Practical Training Course – at one of our 50 centres nationwide

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Take your driving test – remember, with ‘Pass Protection’ your chances of passing shoot up to 92%...

Attend our industry renowned “Fast Track Commercial Skills Course”, receiving CPC Compliant Certification to assist you finding work.

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Vehicle Type Verses Licence Class
HGV / LGV Cat 'C+E' (Class 1)

Any vehicle over 7.5t that has a detachable or separate trailer, Cat 'C+E' licences can only be applied for once the driver has taken and passed their Cat 'C'. These are larger vehicles so tend to be used for long haul, national and international routes. Starting salaries are around £28,000 per year.

HGV / LGV Cat 'C' (Class 2)

For vehicles in a rigid-based body that is over 7.5t – examples include fire engines, rubbish collection vehicles and any HGV, providing the vehicle is all one unit (i.e. the cab does not separate from the trailer). Usually operated in towns and cities, starting salaries for Cat 'C' drivers are around £24,000 per year

Cat C1

For use if driving any goods vehicle that is above 3.5t and below 7.5t in weight. If you gained your driving licence before 1997, you will automatically have this category on your licence. If you gained your driving licence after 1997, you will have to take a test. Note – if you gain your Cat 'C' you automatically get given your Cat 'C1', so it is advisable to take a full Cat 'C' course and get both categories for the price of one. C1 vehicle examples include: horseboxes, ambulances, Occado delivery vehicles etc. Course can be completed in 1x week.

Cat C1+E

Same as above, but gives you the capacity to tow a trailer behind your C1 vehicle. Course can be completed in 1x week.

Cat B+E

This enables you to tow an item behind a standard car. Again, if you passed before 1997 you do not need to pass a test to tow a trailer behind a car – if you passed after 1997, a full course and driving test is required. Course can be completed in 3x days.

Cat D

This is a full bus / coach licence, enabling you to drive any sized Passenger Carrying Vehicle. Course can be completed in 1x week.

Cat D1

Enables you to drive a minibus of 9-16 seats maximum. If you passed your driving test before 1997 this category will already be on your licence, if you passed after that date a full course and test is required. Course can be completed in 1x week.

Fork Lift

The licences depend on what vehicle is used and the type of environment it is used in. 1-day refresher courses: for experienced operators with lapsed licences 3-day mini courses: for experienced operators who have not received formal training 5-day full courses: for novices who have not received any training and have no experience. All courses begin with classroom time where you will learn the theoretical requirements of the vehicle they are being trained on. Includes all relevant aspects of health and safety and short multiple-choice Theory Test. Practical training begins with an explanation as to the operation of the relevant truck. Practical elements cover daily vehicle checks and safe loading techniques – you will then practice the operation of the vehicle until they become proficient, whereby a short practical test will take place.

call free: 0330 300 1111*

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What you get for your money
Find Low Cost - Top Quality - CPC
Driver Training Courses
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Everybody wants to find the highest quality CPC driver training course for the lowest possible price. When people look at the HGV Training Centre this is precisely what they get, and it’s what this article looks into. Prospective students who read through this article are able to learn about how tutors administer their renowned training courses using the latest teaching methods and cutting edge tuition tools. As well as providing an insight into our 50 nationwide driver training facility courses, it allows people to make more informed decisions about the company they should use to gain comprehensive CPC driver training.

How to Pass Your
Trailer Driving Test
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Passing the trailer driving test is just as much about technique as it is about learning the content of the course. Our tutors seek to instil both skills in students, which is something a lot of training providers don’t do. Through 1-to-1 tuition we teach students the necessary techniques needed to impress examiners and fulfil all of their marked criteria. In this piece of writing our experienced tutors teach learners the best ways to prepare for their coming licensing test. Read through this article to find out how we help students and how they can best master their own exam technique come the big day.

Latest Van Licence Requirements
for UK Drivers
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The van licence is heavily regulated and requires drivers to jump through a number of hoops. This article first goes into exactly which licensing category applies to prospective van drivers, as well as some of the exceptions impacting people. It explains how we help drivers pass their exams and what they can expect to experience when entering both the final licensing exam and the required medical checks. Overall, it acts as a vital introduction to this confusing field of licensing. Students can find out exactly what they need to learn to drive these heavy vehicles to a high standard today!

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How Much Does it all Cost

Unfortunately with ever changing costs of diesel and insurance means prices change regularly. Call now to get the current price for the licence you want!

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Driver TrainingQ&A

Questions and answers about the driver training we offer – Please feel free to call and speak directly with a training expert

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What is initial and Periodic CPC

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Why Become an HGV/LGV Driver

HGV driver potential earnings and job opportunities have never been higher! A career behind the wheel is a great opportunity to improve your finances and happiness

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Will I get a Job After my Training

The short answer is 'yes'. Jobs vary greatly, from 1-2hrs a week as a temp driver, to full on international working paying over £30,000 year!

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Is it Easy to Drive an HGV/LGV

If you can drive a car you can drive a heavy goods vehicle. New HGV’s are full of mod cons such as automatic gearboxes, reversing aids and fantastic visibility.

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Where Will the Training Take Place?

We have over 45 of the best driver training centres across the UK. Wherever you are there should be an accredited centre near you.

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The trucks are not that hard to drive and the high road position actu... ~ J Miller, Bournemouth In English was worried about understanding everything, so I am calling to say that I do recommend th... ~ S Mrazek, Bury St Edmunds Finally finished my training. It was hard to take time off work but I had great assistance from Conn... ~ T Mayers, Rochdale Needed HGV for the new depot. Best thing was that I got a cancellation and trained very quickly. All... ~ C Nasim, East Sussex Sarah was very nice and explained it all well. Sorry I called you 20 times a day but was worth it an... ~ J Mamado, Lutterworth Hi Conny! Was gonna email earlier but been busy and got your address wrong. Big thanks to you and th... ~ N Lane, North Shields I’ve filled in the form as you asked – but wanted to add my own feedback, thanks for sorting out... ~ D Brame, Stirling HGV! HGV! I got my HGV! Just passed this morning and had to let you know. 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I was most helped by the Angel that God sent me, Conny. ... ~ Sion Jamera, Lincoln Hey Ben, Just wanted to say thanks mate, I'm really pleased! You have been totally awesome in helpin... ~ Joe Stanley, SpeedyHire I would like to thank the HGV TRAINING for all the friendly support with my PCV course, it has been ... ~ Harry Liming, Basingstoke Good afternoon Alicia, just a quick message to say thank you to HGVTraining for all the help, I&#... ~ Jason Harvey, Chichester Thank you so much Alicia, you have been brilliant organising these courses. Kind Regard... ~ Orshi Jaksha, London So far the customer service has been faultless. I have received excellent communication from Keis... ~ Graham K Roebuck, Nottingham Dear Alicia Thank you so much for all your help early last week at successfully booking... ~ William Bell, Rutland I felt the training was great with clear simple instructions from the instructors which made it e... ~ Graeme Cowan, Stranraer, Jewson Nice one Conny top marks, you made it all so easy!!! ... ~ Jeremy Stiff, Bath Thanks to Abby for all your help passed first time! ... ~ Russell Fawcus, Jewson Just want to thank everyone for their continued support, especially Conny. Top class help and sup... ~ Magnus Moar, Orkney Would like to thank Conny Mckenzie for all the hard work and effort into helping and guiding me t... ~ Daniel Taylor, Plymouth I would like to say a big thank you to all hgv training for your great support and your great cos... ~ Costel Ailincai, Bedford Hi Chanede. you and your team have been fantastic. I have received an excellent service and you h... ~ RICHARD PLEDGER, london I would like to express my praise for Keisha Reynolds who has been my training coordinator taking... ~ Mark Allwood, Birmingham A big thank you to Abby Daniels at HGV Training, minimum fuss, great results and a pleasure to de... ~ Dave Foy, Derby Hi Connie just a note to thank you for your exciting phone manner and also your proffesionalism t... ~ John Moore The customer service was great , keisha was very attentive to my every need . The course was grea... ~ Robert Halle, Mablethorpe I would like to thank Conny , you were fantastic through out my trainig , thank you for your help... ~ M Birgani, Manchester Absolutely no issues ..... HGV training have been helpful and informative.... 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I passe... ~ Frank saladino, Cradley Heath Many thanks to everyone from HGV Training,very supportive and friendly people.I would recommend i... ~ Costel Schirliu Alicia Scott has dealt with my application from the start And she's has been brill, all theor... ~ Craig McCann, Widnes cheshire I attended the CPC course a couple of weeks ago. Very pleased with the training. Course was prese... ~ Richard Curwen, Birmingham Great bunch of people, big thanks to keisha and Abby, great customer service throughout, set me u... ~ T Oflanagan, Stevenage Done my CPC through HGV Trainers last week, strait 5 days. Absolutely no problem very pleased wit... ~ Lewis Croucher, Buckinghamshire Very Helpful Staff ... ~ Scarlett Quigley , Hampton Hill

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