The need for LGV driver training should be obvious to anyone who wants to earn a commercial driving licence and work in the UK. You need an LGV licence to operate an articulated lorry, a transit van, a construction vehicle, a bin lorry, a tipper truck, and so on. But in order to get that licence, you need the proper training that will prepare you to take and pass all of the necessary tests. Where and how you get that training could mean the difference in how quickly you start your career.

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We believe it is important for prospective new drivers to have access to LGV driver training in their local areas. And not just any training, but the best training possible. That is our mission at the HGV Training Centre; to be the best training company in the UK offering the best LGV driver training possible. We go one step further by maintaining dozens of local training centres for the convenience of our clients.

Benefits of Training Locally

When the HGV Training Centre was established decades ago, there were not a lot of companies doing what we set out to do. So while it was possible for professional drivers to access high-quality training, those who did not live near places such as London and Manchester did not have local training close to home. They had to travel quite a distance to get it.

We have spent the last several decades building a business to the point that we now offer more than four dozen training facilities all over the country. We believe this is essential to training as many students as we can. If you do not agree, consider the following benefits of training locally:

We believe so strongly in local LGV training that we are constantly looking for new opportunities to expand our operations. Right now we have facilities in or near every major metropolitan area in the UK, as well as some outlying areas too. There is likely a training centre very near to where you live or work.

Finding the Best Training Partner

Accessing local training is always important. But if that training is of poor quality, it may end up being worthless to you. So the goal is to find the best LGV training as close to home as possible. At the HGV Training Centre, we are confident that we provide both.

We have already talked about our ability to offer localised training, so now we want to turn our attentions to the quality of our training programmes. We are fully convinced that our quality is second to none. Why do we say that? For two reasons. First, we have spent the better part of several decades developing our training methodologies and business philosophy to ensure a quality outcome. Second, we have the numbers to prove it.

The primary purpose of LGV training is to prepare students to pass the exams necessary to obtain a commercial driving licence. There are four different tests involved in the process:

  1. LGV theory test
  2. CPC case studies test
  3. Driving abilities test
  4. Practical demonstration test.

The first and third tests in this list have two parts each. Practically speaking, that means there are six tests you must take and pass in order to be a licenced LGV driver. If you received a month of training but were unable to pass those tests, would it be fair to say that your training was in vain? We believe so. Therefore, we also think that one of the most accurate ways to measure whether or not a training company is successful is to take a look at their first-time pass rate.

At the current time, approximately 92% of our students taking the LGV theory test pass the very first time. Across all of our training programmes, we boast a first-time pass rate that is consistently above 90%. By comparison, the average pass rate for the LGV test is less than 55% nationwide.

Five Things That Make Us the Best

We do not take our claim of being the best LGV driver training company lightly. We take full responsibility for proving this claim on a day-to-day basis. If you are not convinced, we understand. There is really no way to know for sure without signing up for one of our classes. In lieu of that, we offer you the following reasons we believe make us the best in the business:

  1. Commitment – We fully commit ourselves to each and every student who passes through our doors. Whatever help and support a student needs, above and beyond simple training, we provide without question.
  2. Administration – We provide full administrative support to our students. We handle all the administrative tasks, including booking tests, so that students can concentrate on learning.
  3. Equipment – The HGV Training Centre utilises only late-model equipment that students are likely to encounter in the workplace. We do not rely on older vehicles just because they can be purchased at a cheaper price.
  4. Instructors – We hire only instructors who have spent time as professionals in the past. That means each of our instructors has real-world experience in addition to theoretical book knowledge.
  5. Focus – Our training programmes do not waste students time or money by conducting long and cumbersome classes that only serve to hinder learning and compromise retention. Rather, our training is focused and concentrated, provided in short bursts that maximise understanding, enhance memory, and promote recall.

We know you have many different choices for receiving your LGV driver training. We respect your freedom to choose the training company of your choice. However, we believe we have a lot to offer – especially in regards to local driver training in your area. Are you willing to put us to the test? If so, we are confident you will not be disappointed.

For more information about our LGV driver training programmes, contact us on our free telephone number or through this website. We offer training for both individual drivers and company fleets. You can rely on us for the best LGV driver training in the industry.

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