When the HGV Training Centre was first established, our founders had a single mission that is still observed today: doing everything possible to help alleviate the professional driver shortage by training as many drivers as possible before sending them off to join the workforce. We believe we have an obligation to do nothing less. To help us accomplish that goal, we have established a nationwide network of low-cost van driver training schools located near every major metropolitan region in the UK.

Furthermore, our strategic plan for expansion will allow us to continue opening new training facilities over the next several years. We are already the largest provider of professional driver training in the UK, and we also believe we are the best. We strongly urge you to consider the HGV Training Centre for your van driver training.


The Benefits of a Nationwide Reach

You can choose a smaller, locally based provider to get your van driver training or you can go with a nationwide provider such as the HGV Training Centre. As a nationwide provider, we believe our size and reach offers a number of benefits to our students and the haulage and transport industries as a whole.

As a student, our nationwide reach means the following benefits for you:

We did not become the largest provider of commercial driver training in the UK by promising students great things and then not delivering. We are what we are because of our commitment to each and every student who trains with us. Rest assured that our nationwide reach and low prices do not compromise the quality of our training.

Less Expensive Does Not Mean Cheap

When we say we offer low-cost van driver training, we are letting it be known that our training is less expensive than some of our competitors. That does not mean that our training is cheap. It does not mean we trade the quality of your experience for the opportunity to save money on our end. When you train with the HGV Training Centre, you will get training of the highest quality.

So, how do we keep prices low without compromising quality? We have already explained that our size helps us operate more efficiently as a business, but some other things reduce training costs as well:

We are confident that you will recognise the quality of our training programmes from your very first day in class. Throughout the training process, you will come to understand our commitment to drivers and the professional driving field. We offer more than just van driver training; we offer an effective path to a career in professional driving.

What You Can Expect from Van Driver Training

Signing up to train with the HGV Training Centre gives you access to one of the most reputable training programmes in the UK. You can expect to be challenged to learn and motivated to succeed throughout your programme. We follow a basic process that gets you from start to finish, as follows:

Our van driver training programme focuses only on the skills and knowledge you need to pass your licencing exams. Completing our training as a professional will include initial Driver CPC certification good for five years. You can always return to the HGV Training Centre for subsequent CPC training in the future – we hope you will.

If you have ever considered a career as a van driver, we offer nationwide low-cost van driver training throughout the UK. We would be thrilled with the opportunity to train you for your future career. You need only call us on our freephone number to get the process started. The sooner you do, the sooner you will be working in a very lucrative field.

Training with us means training with the largest and most reputable training company in the country. Why trust your career to anyone else? Contact us today and get started in your van driver training as soon as the next class opens in your local area.

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