As you may be aware, the requirements on social distancing have affected the HGV Training Industry widely. As a result, the DVSA have postponed all tests (practical and theory) until June 31st, 2020. Customers who have any query regarding their training, are advised to contact our Customer Service Team ( an update on your course. We will be reviewing the situation constantly and will keep you informed of all developments.

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Specialised Forklift provides certified forklift and plant operator training across UK, ranging from the most common type Counterbalance and Reach Truck to Multi-directional and Very Narrow Aisle.

With over 180 training locations across the UK we will be able to find the right course at the right time to suit you. Core Forklift Course: 90% of courses we deliver are either on a Reach Truck or Counterbalance Truck





Counterbalance Truck

These are the most commonly found Forklift trucks in the in UK. They are compact, straightforward machines that can be driven right up to the target load. As the name suggests, the load at the front is counterbalanced by the weight of the truck at the back.

Reach Truck

These trucks operate a little differently to counterbalance trucks as they can reach forward once a load has been picked up. They are ideal for moving items from shelf to shelf inside a warehouse (vertically and horizontally) setting them apart from counterbalance trucks.

These two courses can be delivered at three different standards depending on your experience:

Novice Course

5 DAYS (typically)

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Novice operators
Future operators who have never sat behind the wheel of a forklift of any kind will want to take our complete, five-day course. This course is intended for new operators who need to learn everything from scratch. It is a fast-paced course that culminates with a certification exam.

Experienced Users Course


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Experienced Users Course
This course is designed for forklift drivers whose certification has expired and needs to be renewed. Please note that if it has expired by more than 3 years, you will need to go onto a Novice Course.

Refresher Course


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Refresher Course
This is a one-day refresher for drivers who just need to brush up on their skills, but whose certificates are still valid. This is a common course current drivers who move to a new company.


Telescopic Handler

The most complex of the forklift trucks. This takes two weeks to master, but offers serious rewards in the job market

Powered Pallet Truck

Powered truck to lift pallets

Side loader

These can drive in four directions for super manoeuvrability

Orders Pickers

Used in high capacity warehouses where horizontal transport is needed over short and long distances

Very Narrow Aisle

These are super narrow and manoeuvrable machines designed for the tightest of spaces

Rough Terrain

A forklift for tricky ground such as farmland.

Lorry-Mounted (MOFFET)

These vehicles are mounted on a truck to deploy cargo once it has reached its destination

Scissor Lift

Paint a roof with a scissor lift!

Boom Lift/Cherry Picker

Carry out high level maintenance workover short and long distances

The lack of formal licence requirements means that there is also no formal training and certification standards uniform to all drivers. Rather, the Health and Safety Executive has approved six different organisations to be accrediting organisations for forklift drivers. By earning a certificate issued by one of these accrediting organisations, the driver is assured of top quality training defined by industry best practices. That is the kind of training we offer.

Drivers should be advised that every employer has the legal right to establish a set of training criteria. That may mean several different things:

  • In-House Training – An employer may decide to handle training in-house, utilising experienced drivers to train new drivers. The employer would be expected to document the training for both its legal protection and the protection of the newly trained drivers.
  • Unacceptable Training – The employer could determine that prior training received by a new hire is not acceptable to meet its standards. In such a case, the employer can require the new hire to undergo additional in-house training or third party training through a company like ours.
  • Refresher Training – Employers can require their forklift drivers to undergo refresher training on a periodic basis. In fact, many do. Employers are coming to realise that regular, periodic training makes forklift drivers safer while also reducing potential liability risks.

Our forklift training is recognised throughout the UK as being among the best a driver can receive. Upon completion of a three-day mini course or five-day full course, our drivers receive an accredited certificate demonstrating their proficiency and skill. That certificate can be used when seeking employment.

What You Need to Get Started

The best thing about forklift training is that it requires very little to get started. Any potential driver in reasonably good health can begin training, practically speaking, at age 17.

There is no official age requirement EXCEPT when forklifts are operated on docks premises or public roads. Age requirements for each exception are 18 and 17/18 (depending on the weight of the forklift) respectively. Government guidance goes on to suggest that anyone under the age of 17 is not mature enough to safely handle a forklift in the work environment. Therefore, training companies rarely accept anyone under 17; 18 is the preferred minimum age in most cases.

As for the physical health of forklift operators, there are again no hard and fast rules in place. Guidance from the Health and Safety Executive says that it is “good practice for all operators and potential operators to be screened for fitness before employment and again at regular intervals in middle age.”

The guidance is clear enough to indicate employees have a responsibility to make sure their forklift drivers are in good health, but it also gives them the flexibility to determine how good health is defined. For all intents and purposes, the forklift driver cannot be suffering from any illness, malady, or condition that could impair the safe operation of a forklift in the work environment. Employers are held responsible for that standard in the event of any workplace accident.

Anyone 18 years old and in good health is eligible to begin forklift training at their discretion. That is all there is to it. Where the HGV Training Centre is concerned, we would encourage you to contact us and speak to one of our professional coordinators to learn more about our classes. Our coordinators are experts in helping students decide what classes are appropriate for reaching their training goals.

In addition to our three forklift courses, we also provide our students with all of the help and support they need to succeed. It starts with the designated coordinator assigned to each student. This coordinator ensures a smooth transition from the beginning of training to its completion.

Alongside our dedicated coordinators are experienced instructors who are personally committed to each and every student. Our instructors invest themselves in their students for the sole purpose of seeing them trained and certified as quickly as possible. Furthermore, trainers are always willing to provide individual students with any extra help and support they need.

Tying everything together are all of the course materials and supplies students need. We do not expect our students to come to class fully prepared; we have the materials and resources they need waiting for them. This enables students to walk in, start training right away, and complete their courses in the prescribed amount of time.

Our low-cost and convenient forklift training courses are just what you need to begin a long and rewarding career in the materials handling industry. We would be honoured to have the opportunity to train and certify you. You can also download our latest Forklift Training PDF for more details on how the training works.


At Specialised Forklift we arrange training which is accredited by either


If you have a preference let us know and we will do our best to accommodate specific awarding body.


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