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You can imagine the delight and happiness that Ellie Rose Houghton felt when she passed the PCV bus test and was certified as a professional bus driver. She is just 18 years old. Since then, she has worked as the bus driver to take students of South Holderness Technical college home from school. Ellie Rose comes from a family that owns a very popular transport company serving Hull and East Yorkshire. The business that dates to her grandfather and grandmother now owns thirty decker buses in addition to eight coaches. They are specifically focused on school students.

youngest bus driver in the UK

Ellie never wanted to be a driver or join the family business. Though she was a stock car racer very early on, she was never interested in the transport company. But after finishing high school, she decided she will not go to college but join the family business. The large part of the decision was due to the death of her grandfather. James Houghton was the founding father of the company that was named after Ellie- Ellie Rose Travel. Ellie’s parents, Shane and Mandy have continued this business. When grandpa died, Ellie’s life took another direction, and now she’s a certified bus driver at just the age of 18 just like her father did 32 years ago. This was the second time she will take the test. She confessed to being a little bit too confident on the first attempt.  But that’s all in the past. Ellie has passed the 6-part exams, and she passed excellently well. She was particularly excited about the practical exam though she confessed the practical test was tedious and exacting.

Bus driver training with £10

Ellie is now excited transporting kids from their schools to their homes, and she has been enjoying life as a bus driver. The family is also happy that Ellie finally joins the family business. Her certification seems like a dream come true for the family. Even though she never wanted to join the family business, she has always had an interest in cars and driving in her own little corner like a child. The PCV (Passenger carrying vehicle) license is a licensing arrangement that certifies drivers to drive buses and minibuses in the United Kingdom. The PCV license certifies a person as a qualified and professional driver and is a necessity for anyone who wants to drive these kinds of vehicles. It is an important certification for those willing to make a profession out of bus driving.


Before the PCV license is conferred, the driver is required to go through certain tests. The tests include a medical examination where the driver is tested for fitness. This ensures that he is fit enough to endure the rigours of the road life. The test also includes examinations that will be written in a test centre. The examinations are multiple choice questions that assess your understanding of the whole driving process. Then the major part of the test is the practical test. This is where the driver is taken through a 90-minute test to ensure that he is qualified technically to drive buses or minibuses in the United Kingdom.



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