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Class 2 vehicles refer to the Heavy Goods Vehicles you’re allowed to drive once you have passed your HGV Category C licence. These are rigid vehicles whose trailers can carry up to 750kg per load. Reversing is extremely important as a HGV driver. Depending on your job role you will more than likely be making deliveries in and out of warehouses or depots, where you will be expected to make tight corners into designated areas.


The reversing exercise explained

You are expected to position your vehicle between 2 marked cones in preparation for reversing. The front end of your vehicle will be in line with these, ready to then reverse around one central cone, into a bay that is marked by four cones. You must keep the central cone on the driver’s side while performing this manoeuvre. To finish reversing successfully you should find that you come to a stop with the rear of your vehicle over the designated stopping place (which will be marked).


Some general expectations

Much like your ordinary practical driving test you are forbidden to cross any lines, or touch any cones whilst reversing. You may also shunt your vehicle up to two times maximum, but ensure that you never go over the front two cones. If you need to, you can leave the vehicle to check your final position – but you may only do this once, any more and it is a fault on your test.


Distances and measurements involved

The reversing portion of the practical test is carried out on a specifically prepared area measuring 66 x 11 metres, and comes after the show and tell portion of the test.


To get an idea of the distances used, the below information should help…


The two front cones are 1.5 x the width of the vehicle

The two front cones to the central cone is 2 x length of the vehicle

The central cone to the back line is max 1.5 x vehicle length

The bay width is 1.5 x the width of the vehicle.

The bay length is max 12 metres or the true vehicle length


hgv driver reversing


Handy hints and tips to help you pass your test….


Before the test


HGV Practical training centre

Test Day…



And finally – nobody is perfect!  Remember that you can rack up to 15 minor faults and still pass your test.


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