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Getting a lorry licence isn’t easy, or so most providers say. The HGV Training Centre takes a more optimistic view on things. It doesn’t matter how academic or intelligent a student is, they can fast track themselves to their license if they gain knowledge in the correct way. Using experienced tutors there’s nothing stopping them from acquiring their licenses in a matter of weeks.

Is this a Rush Job?

Absolutely not! Simply throwing a student through a driving course doesn’t mean anything since there’s still an exam at the end of it. If people aren’t taught properly there’s zero chance of them passing their exams. The HGV Training Centre combines the method of short intensive courses with professional tutors and fantastic support options; which often include ex-truckers.


To some, this is a rush job, but the HGV Training Centre has one of the highest pass rates in the country, so there’s clearly something separating this organisation from other learning providers.

Tailored to the Student

One of the reasons why acquiring a lorry license takes so long is because classes and material follows one specific learning style. If someone isn’t compatible with this style it’s going to take longer to learn the material. Finding the student’s learning style and tailoring the course to them with a few tweaks here and there does wonders.

This is what tutors in our HGV driver training schools do. Nobody is left behind with this teaching style. Somebody who doesn’t understand a concept or a rule doesn’t have to worry since experts are on hand to help people in a way they understand.

The Latest Materials

The HGV Training Centre isn’t interested in keeping the teaching methods of old. This is a modern firm fully committed to taking advantage of the latest methods of tuition. It’s also using the latest technology to teach students. Instead of a reliance on the old-fashioned textbooks, tutors use special software through computers and smartphone apps to enhance a student’s understanding of the course as a whole. Another example comes with the state-of-the-art smartphone app geared towards helping learners prepare for their theory test.

What’s more, the HGV Training Centre doesn’t implement a date where all students must take their test. People only take their exams when they (and the organisation) feel ready. These special apps with practice theory tests have mechanisms which store scores on the server. Once students obtain consistently high scores they’re invited to take their exam.

Forms Prepared

When it comes to medical exams and DSA tests our administrative team prepares the correct forms and sends them as soon as students enrol on the course. With the medical exam a comprehensive pack is sent to each student with the forms and instructions for how to complete the forms. When it comes to examinations the exams are pre-booked in advance.

This style of learning enables people to concentrate on getting their lorry license without spending eons of time on pointless administrative work. The HGV Training Centre does all the work instead!

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