Start a New HGV Career for the New Year

Time for a change? The “new year, new you” vibes are everywhere in January, prompting many of us to make resolutions, set goals, and explore different possibilities. Rather than making yet another resolution, you don’t plan on keeping this year, why not do something positive for your future instead? Starting a new career could be the perfect way to transform your life in 2022. 

Right now, around 3 in 5 employees are already planning a career change, after reassessing their priorities during the pandemic. If you’re one of the many people who discovered you just weren’t happy with your current role, a new role as an HGV driver could be the perfect solution.

Throughout the UK, a shortage in HGV drivers means you could have your pick of new career options for 2022. Let’s explore the benefits of starting a new career in HGV this year.

Reasons to Switch to an HGV Career for 2022

The new year is often one of the best times of year to look into new career opportunities, as hiring managers have new budgets, and business leaders are looking for new talent to help them achieve their annual goals. If your anxiety about going back to work is more than just “January blues”, now could be a great time to look into your options. After all – why be miserable at work?

While your decision to embrace an HGV career in 2022 will depend on several things, here are some of the top reasons to make the transition:

  • You’re Bored in Your Current Job

You spend the majority of your waking life at work – it only makes sense to enjoy what you’re doing. If you spend the entire day waiting for the moment when you can go home, you’re probably not getting the most out of your career. 

As an HGV driver, you’ll be so preoccupied with staying safe on the roads, and tackling the various challenges that come with transporting a bigger vehicle, you won’t have time to be bored. HGV driving is an excellent way to expose yourself to a range of new adventures and experiences every day, so you never fall into a rut. 

  • You’re not growing in your profession

Nobody wants to spend their lives in a “dead end” job. When you’re doing the same thing every day, with no real opportunity to put your skills or knowledge to the test, you can start to feel drained at work. Completing your HGV training earning your HGV license and starting a new career as a driver could be the perfect opportunity to avoid this issue.

You’ll constantly have opportunities to learn new skills and improve your driving abilities the more time you spend in the industry. You might even discover new roles that allow you to put your specific skills to the test with things long long-haul driving or managing complex vehicles. 

  • Your wages aren’t inspiring

While there’s more to the perfect job than money, it’s fair to say most of us want to feel like we’re being paid what we deserve. In a lot of industries, limited budgets and a damaged economy are forcing employers to spend less on increasing wages and benefits. Unfortunately, this might mean you’re not getting the best salary at the end of each month.

In the HGV industry, on the other hand, wages are actively increasing, as employers strive to attract talent in a skills short environment. The more you develop your talents as a driver, the more you’ll potentially be able to earn too. Long-haul drivers working with specific materials can generally request a higher income in the HGV space.

  • You’re overwhelmed at work

These days, employees are suffering more than ever from burnout and overwork, as companies try to stay ahead of the challenges caused by the pandemic. While a HGV driving career definitely has its challenges, employers know that they need to look after the wellbeing of their staff above anything else. Because of this, you’re less likely to feel overworked.

Your employer will encourage you to look after yourself, take breaks when you need it, and make sure you always stay safe on the roads. This can lead to a much nicer working environment than you’d get from the standard office employer.

  • You prefer to work solo

Although teamwork can be a lot of fun, many of us find we do our best work when we’re going solo. If this is the case for you, having a boss or other members of your team hanging over your shoulder at all times can lead to feelings of stress and general discomfort. 

With a HGV driving career, you’ll be travelling across the country – and even around the world, often without anyone else by your side. While it’s important to ensure you don’t end up feeling too lonely in this career, by checking back with your peers regularly, it can be a great way to spend more time on your own. If you work well as a lone wolf, a HGV career is a great pick for you.

Start the New Year with a New Career

As the UK continues to tackle a huge HGV driver shortage, earning your license to drive larger vehicles could mean you can have your pick of new job opportunities for 2022. With a HGV driver career, you’ll spend your days constantly exploring new places, meeting new people, and overcoming new challenges, which can lead to a very satisfying career. 

Not only do you work in a diverse and flexible landscape, but you’ll also have the opportunity to earn a fantastic income while enjoying the freedom of the open road. It’s no wonder countless people are considering shifting into the HGV environment for 2022. 

If you think 2022 could be the year you start your new amazing HGV career, the first step is getting your license. Contact us today to start training for your HGV certification. Your new career is waiting!