As you may be aware, the requirements on social distancing have affected the HGV Training Industry widely. As a result, the DVSA have postponed all tests (practical and theory) until June 31st, 2020. Customers who have any query regarding their training, are advised to contact our Customer Service Team ( an update on your course. We will be reviewing the situation constantly and will keep you informed of all developments.

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Before deciding to drive one of these trailers there are a number of things you need to know about maintaining trailers, being licensed to drive these trailers, and more. Towing horse trailers is a tricky business and we are here to help. Through our training courses you can learn about everything you need to know to transport your horses safely around the UK.

The Licences You Need

The licences you need depend entirely on the size of the trailer and the vehicle towing it. Either way, we offer all the necessary licences to tow a horse trailer using any vehicle. These are the main licences you need to tow a horse trailer in the UK:


Safety is Paramount

Horse trailers are extremely dangerous and it doesn’t take much to lose control of them. Always carry out stringent safety checks before using a trailer because otherwise it’s putting the horse’s life at risk. Towing horse trailers should involve a safety check both before the horse is loaded up and after the horse is loaded up. Testing out things like the pressure of the tyres, the position of the horse, and the connection between vehicle and trailer is imperative. Our tutors spend a considerable amount of time elaborating on these things during the theory side of the course.

Understanding Trailers

It’s important to understand the trailers as a whole. These vehicles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are designed to tow heavier horses and some are designed to tow more than one horse or pony. When purchasing a trailer always be aware of its size and capabilities. Just because the size of the trailer is covered by your licence doesn’t mean it’s safe to drive. Sometimes you need a bigger vehicle. And always take into account the weight limits are measured by the combined weights of vehicle and trailer with the horse loaded.

Drive Different

Often, people don’t realise how different the driving style is. Where before drivers could slam on the car brakes and it was a minor inconvenience, it’s now something which can play havoc with the trailer and vehicle. The object of these specialised licences and training courses isn’t just about the trailer; it’s about completely transforming the way you drive.

Another difference is in the speed at which you can cruise down the motorway, the amount of turning room required, and the rate at which you pull over to take breaks.

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