3 Reasons an HGV Driving Career is a Reliable Choice

These days, it’s almost impossible for a lot of jobs to guarantee a reliable income, a sturdy set of hours, and a great work experience for all employees. While many business leaders and employers strive to deliver the kind of job opportunities that will keep team members around for longer, reliability is hard to come by in an unpredictable world. 

Fortunately, if you’re sick of dealing with sleepless nights, there are still a handful of great jobs out there which can offer the security you’re searching for. A career as an HGV driver, for instance, promises endless employment opportunities, flexible schedules, and various chances for progression. 

Now more than ever, starting a new career in the HGV industry could be the perfect way to turn your life around. As more companies search for certified professionals to fill the gaps in their talent pool, it’s an excellent time to discover the benefits of HGV driving. 

Here are just three reasons why HGV driving is one of the most reliable career choices out there.

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1. There are Jobs to Suit Any Preference

Earning your HGV license and pursuing a career as a driver doesn’t just open the door to a single potential role. Once you have the licensing you need to operate larger vehicles safely, there are plenty of different directions you can go. Depending on how much you like to travel, you can choose to look into HGV driving jobs which focus on keeping you in your local area. Or you might consider travelling between countries as part of a European HGV supply chain. 

Some people in the HGV landscape find themselves specifically seeking out jobs which involve driving and operating special kinds of vehicles, like HGVs responsible for transporting medical equipment and chemicals. Transporting certain kinds of products can give you an opportunity to earn more money. Plus, you get the added benefit of knowing you’re playing an important role in the development and continued success of a specific industry. 

You can even expand your career as a HGV driver by looking into progression opportunities with the businesses you choose to work with. Over time, you might eventually earn a position as a fleet manager, helping a whole team of HGV drivers to operate more efficiently. You could also get involved with fleet procurement, transport planning, logistics management and more.

Depending on how much you love helping other people to find their paths in life, you might even decide to become an HGV driving instructor, responsible for teaching other professionals how to master these unique vehicles. 

2. You’re Sure to Earn a Great Income

One of the most common misconceptions about HGV driving in the modern world, is that it only pays an average wage. The truth is that in recent years, many companies responsible for hiring HGV drivers have begun to discover just how essential these professionals are to keeping their operations running smoothly. As such, income options for HGV drivers are evolving. 

While the exact amount you can earn from your HGV driving career will depend on things like what kind of vehicles you’re operating, how far you’re travelling, and the goods you’re transporting, income can be impressively high. The average salary for an HGV driver in 2022 according to Total Jobs was around £32,500 per year! 

Like any career which requires the mastery of a specific skill, a job as an HGV driver can offer you a fantastic income compared to a lot of other modern job opportunities. What’s more, HGV drivers can also get their hands on number of additional benefits outside of their basic salaries, such as extra insurance and healthcare benefits, lots of paid vacation time, and help with paternity and maternity.

Take your time to explore some of the best HGV driver employers in the UK, and you could be blown away by the kind of money you can earn. In most cases, as you continue to develop your skills as a HGV driver and become more essential to the company you serve, your earning opportunities will continue to increase, leading a long-term lucrative career. 

3. HGV Drivers Will Always Be Necessary

As the world continues to transform with the introduction of new technology, artificial intelligence, and automation, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to predict which jobs will still be around a few years from now. However, while certain roles can definitely be replaced by bots in the current business landscape, the position of HGV driver isn’t one of them. 

We’re always going to need people capable of mastering the large and crucial vehicles responsible for keeping our supply chains operating smoothly. Without HGV drivers, we simply wouldn’t have access to everything we need on a daily basis, from medicines and foods, to fuel. 

While there are new technologies emerging in the driving landscape, like intelligent assistants to help improve the safety of your driving, and automated systems, the age of the “autonomous HGV” is a long way off. Most experts believe that even if autonomous vehicles became a reality, it’s unlikely most companies would have the budget required to buy an entire intelligent fleet. 

Even without the budgetary restrictions of investing in the latest technology to consider, an autonomous HGV driving fleet would still be a problem in the modern world. As the rules and roadways of the UK continue to evolve, a human being with the right training will always be necessary to ensure the safe transportation of goods. 

There’ll always be job opportunities for people with the skills to manage an HGV. 

Discover a More Reliable Career

While it’s difficult to predict the future in any industry, the ongoing demand for HGV drivers throughout the UK appears to be something that’s definitely set in stone. No matter what might change in the UK, we’ll always be reliant on skilled HGV drivers to keep the country running smoothly. 

Make sure you have the training required to nab yourself a reliable career this year, by investing in your own HGV training certification. You can get your education with HGV Training today, and transform your career path forever.