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We already know that London is a world class city with few rivals. It is easily the most important city in Europe from an economic standpoint, and numbers dictate that London is in the top five worldwide. In 2014, London’s economic output was in the region of £360 billion – behind only Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, and Seoul. Is it any wonder we established HGV training in London given the amount of economic activity that goes on there?

High-quality HGV training is vital to support a robust logistics industry that under-girds the UK economy. To drive home how important this is, consider the number of articulated lorries, bin lorries, box trucks, tipper trucks, and cargo vans that traverse London’s streets daily. The number is almost unfathomable. What if none of those vehicles was available? What if we did not have a robust logistics industry bringing consumer goods and supplies into the city?

We can tell you this: life would be significantly different. The reality is that ground transport is the most cost-effective way to move cargo throughout the UK. As much as 70% of all the cargo and freight we move is moved by way of lorries. If it weren’t for all of those commercial vehicles navigating London’s streets, we would not have anywhere near the access we currently enjoy to cheap consumer goods. We cannot stress enough how important logistics is to our overall economy.

In light of that, qualified HGV drivers are equally important. It is their hard work and dedication that keeps the logistics industry moving day by day. It is the men and women who sit behind the wheel that keeps our economy moving. You can join their ranks if you are looking for an exciting and rewarding career by undergoing HGV training in London.

Training Tailored to the City

There are lots of words we could use to describe the London environment. Like New York and Tokyo, one of the words we often use is ‘busy’. There is a tremendous amount of activity that makes London an exciting and fast-paced city 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We appreciate that. In fact, our HGV training in London is tailored to the fast pace of the capital.

If you were to undergo vocational training to become a carpenter or plumber, for example, you would expect a training programme that lasts between 12 and 24 months. In that time, you would learn all of the skills you need to be a master of that trade. HGV training in London is different, at least where our company is concerned. Rather than put our students through extended training programmes that can take months or years, we employ a fast-paced training method that gets students through in a matter of weeks.

London HGV training over the bridge

Before you panic, consider this: every driver who registers with us already has a Category B licence to drive a car. That means our students already know the fundamentals of driving. We are not starting from scratch. Rather, we are taking the knowledge they already possess and adding additional knowledge relating to commercial driving. This additional knowledge does not take years to learn.

Another thing you should know is that we do not spend time training our students in areas that are not necessary for passing the required tests. That knowledge is knowledge that can be learned on the job, throughout a driver’s career. We focus squarely on the tests required by CPC regulations with the goal of making sure our students pass the first time. Passing the tests is what results in getting a commercial driving licence.

What Our Students Learn

Training to the tests dictates that our students learn certain principles and skills. In order to understand what we teach, we first need to know what the tests are. The first test is the HGV theory test, a two-part test designed to measure the candidate’s understanding of highway safety and his or her ability to identify potential hazards. Both portions of the tests can be taken separately or during the same session.

The second test is the case studies test designed to gauge how candidates would react to certain scenarios they are likely to encounter in the workplace. The third and fourth tests are the driving skills and practical demonstration tests, respectively. These are taken at the conclusion of training.

All of the information and skills we teach our drivers falls under one of the following three categories:

  • Driving Theory – Driving theory is essentially the book knowledge that students must have before they get behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle. It includes things such as regulations and understanding how the mechanics of large commercial vehicles work.
  • Driving Skills – This portion of training revolves around developing the actual physical and mental skills one needs to drive safely. It is accompanied by plenty of practice using a late-model vehicle at our training facility. As they say, practice makes perfect.
  • Practical Skills – There are certain practical skills that are part and parcel of commercial driving. For example, lorry drivers need to know how to perform a proper walkaround check before departure. We teach all these practical skills as part of our training package.

A tremendous amount of knowledge is required to pass the four tests. However, the HGV Training Centre goes one step further in test preparation. We not only teach our students what they need to know, but we also teach them how to take their tests properly. Believe it or not, how you test is just as important as the volume of information you know.

Take the theory test as an example. The second portion of the test involves 19 computer-based videos containing 20 developing hazards. Candidates are tested on how quickly and accurately they can identify those hazards. This test is somewhat challenging if you have never seen it before, so we provide our students with software that lets them take practice tests. This makes them familiar with the testing process, so they are not surprised when they actually sit for it.

We Offer Cheap Training

We cannot close this guide without talking about the cheap training mentioned in the headline. Our training is not cheap in the sense of being low quality; it is cheap in the sense of being affordably priced. We understand that cost can be a barrier to HGV training in London, and we do not want to set up barriers that prevent students from getting the training they want. Therefore, we do everything in our power to keep our prices as low as possible.

We can afford low prices because we are the largest provider of HGV training in the UK. We make our money on volume, not on baseline price. Furthermore, because we teach specifically to the tests utilising a programme that can be completed in just a few weeks, our drivers are not spending extra money on long classes that extend for months on end. The speed of our training is key to keeping our prices low.

We understand you may still have trouble paying for training even though our classes are relatively cheap. No worries. The HGV Training Centre offers a financing option on all of our classes. For the record, we are one of only a few training companies in the country to offer this option. You can finance your training now and pay for it over time once you start working. You should be able to find work very quickly given the current driver shortage.

For more information about our HGV training in London, you can contact us on our freephone number. We encourage you to speak to one of our training consultants to get answers to your questions or to learn the details about class registration and costs. We are ready to start your training if you are ready to learn.

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