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Established in 2008, Easy As HGV is the largest HGV training provider in the UK, famous for simplifying the HGV licence acquisition process.

The LGV Training company was set up in 2010. The first company to offer Virtual CPC during the first national lockdown, they have kept training candidates throughout the year with clear communication at the heart of everything they do.

Blending their knowledge of HGV training with a tailored recruitment service, they provide a one stop shop if you want a career in HGV driving.

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We’re a group of HGV industry insiders, who wanted to create an HGV training information hub, to provide clear and transparent guidance for HGV drivers at any stage of their journey.

Whether you’re just setting out, or you’re already an HGV driver and are looking to upgrade your licence, we provide useful, non-jargony information, so you can progress your career.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of HGV training or take the hassle out of finding the best value HGV Training.

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We are part of a group of leading providers across the HGV industry. We help inform and qualify more HGV drivers than anyone else in the country.

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With access to hundreds of training centres, make sure you get the best chance of training close to home. Make sure your provider is an associate of the RHA (Road Haulage Association) - meaning they are reputable in the HGV industry.

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Once you are armed with all the information, and you’d like to move forward, you might want more detail on training costs, locations, timing and availability. We can instantly pass your request to 3 of our partner providers, cutting down on time and effort for you.

Impact of Covid on the HGV industry

Covid has has a major impact on all industries in the UK, and HGV is no different. Each of our partner providers have kept afloat and remained open throughout all lockdowns. They have moved a lot of services online, meaning they’ve been able to train more people than any other HGV provider in the UK.