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The place to be for anyone in Scotland who enjoys exciting urban life is Glasgow. As the largest city in Scotland and the third largest in the UK, Glasgow has a long and rich history as a powerful industrial centre and port. In recent times, it has also become a powerhouse of financial services, technology, biosciences, healthcare, the creative industries, retail and tourism. Spending just one day in the city makes it obvious how busy Glasgow really is.

With all of the economic and cultural activity in the city, consider this: what would happen if there were not enough lorries and buses to provide all of the services the city’s businesses need? Life would be drastically different. Glasgow and its residents rely on a robust logistics industry to transport everything from passengers to industrial supplies to consumer goods. Without the hard work of dedicated professional drivers and the operators who employ them, the local economy would not be nearly as strong as it is.

Lorry along the streets of Glasgow as part of the HGV training

We assume that you know the logistics industry throughout the UK is suffering right now. Companies of all sizes and scopes are desperate for qualified drivers capable of driving their vehicles safely and efficiently. We want to help. That’s why we established our HGV training Glasgow. We want to train as many drivers as we can in order to support the logistics industry.

Our HGV training in Glasgow is part of a much larger training network that covers all of the UK. In fact, we operate more than four dozen training centres in and around every major metropolitan area in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. We continue to pursue a strategy of expansion to further our mission of training as many drivers as we can. We are proud to say that the HGV Training Centre is the largest provider of commercial driver training in the UK.

Training for Your Career

Our HGV training in Glasgow is not just training for a job you may or may not keep for any length of time. It is training for your career. Whether you know it or not, there are hundreds of thousands of professional drivers who have made what they do a lifelong career full of opportunity and reward. Most of the professional drivers who have been at it for more than a few years would not do anything else. They love their careers and everything about them.

That’s not to say that professional driving is a perfect job. It isn’t. But there is no such thing as a perfect job or career. You do what you love to do and deal with any challenges as they come. If you do what you do well, you will enjoy a productive career that allows you to meet your financial and personal development goals.

With all that said, there are excellent reasons for you to consider embarking on a career as a professional driver:

  • Competitive Pay – New drivers can start at £18,000-£22,000 annually; experienced drivers with additional training can earn £35,000 or more.
  • Advancement Opportunities – New drivers do not have to remain behind the wheel for their entire careers if they don’t want to. Drivers can transition into other careers that include fleet management, dispatching, driver training, and executive business judgement.
  • Opportunities to Travel – One of the best ‘perks’ of professional driving is the opportunity to travel. If you love to be out on the road, why not earn a good living while doing it? Drivers get to see a full array of scenery along with urban and rural areas non-professionals will never visit.
  • Self-Direction – The nature of professional driving requires workers who are capable of self-direction. Drivers do not have managers constantly looking over the shoulders; they are not following a set of rote procedures that lead to monotony and boredom. If nothing else, professional driving is a career filled with challenge and adventure.

Why train for a job when you can train for a career instead? That is what our HGV training in Glasgow offers you. With just a few weeks of your time and minimal financial investment, you can embark on an exciting career that more than meets your expectations.

What Makes Us Different

HGV training in Glasgow is not limited to the HGV Training Centre. So why choose us? What makes us different from our competitors? A lot of things make us different, starting with the size of our operations.

As we previously mentioned, the HGV Training Centre is now the largest provider of commercial driver training in the UK. Not only do we operate more than four dozen facilities but we also train for every class of commercial vehicle on the road. It matters not whether you want to drive an articulated lorry, coach, or van – we have the right kind of training programme that will enable you to get your licence in a matter of weeks. That brings us to our second point: training with us is fast.

Some professional training programmes require students to commit to studies that can take months or years. We don’t do that. We realise that you already have a car licence and that you have a certain amount of experience as a driver. Our training is designed to enhance that experience and knowledge by adapting it to large commercial vehicles. We can have you through training and ready to take your final exams within a matter of weeks.

Here are a few other things that make us different:

  • Our Instructors – We search the UK to find instructors who have real-world experience as professional drivers. We believe there is no better person to train our students than someone who has actually done the job in the real world. We like to believe our structures are among the best around.
  • Our Support Staff – We maintain a complete support staff for all of our training facilities. That support staff is tasked with assisting each student through the entire training process. Staff members are available to answer questions, offer advice, and provide assistance with administrative tasks, including paperwork and booking tests.
  • Our Training Materials – We provide our students with the necessary training materials to complete classes. This includes software that enables them to prepare for the HGV theory test. The software offers practice tests as well as real questions from past exams.
  • Our Training Vehicles – Some training companies save money by purchasing older vehicles for training purposes. We do not. All of our training vehicles are late-model vehicles typical of what the professional driver will experience in the workplace.
  • Our Price – We strive to keep the price of our training as low as possible at all times. We do this through our size and the way we manage our resources. For those students who need it, we also offer a financing package through our financing partner Pay 4 Later. Students can finance their training now and pay for it over time.

Our HGV training in Glasgow can have you prepared to look for work in less time than it takes to complete one semester of university. While your friends are still pursuing their degrees in areas that may or may not have jobs available, you will be working and earning in a field that offers unparalleled job stability. We sincerely hope you will consider a career as a professional HGV or PCV driver here in the UK – the opportunities are endless.

For more information about any of our training programmes, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide all of the information you need to know in order to make a decision about your career. Please note that new classes are forming on a regular basis for our HGV training in Glasgow. We can get you started in the next class if you are ready to go.

of HGV / LGV / PCV Training

The HGV Training Centre trains over 200 people per month. We are the UK’s largest specialist vehicle training company, training for some of the UK’s biggest organisations.

  • Over 60 HGV / LGV / PCV Training Centres across the UK
  • We train for some of the biggest organisations in the UK, including HSS Hire, Hackney Council, Enterprise PLC, DHL, the DWP and Job Centre Plus
  • Get your HGV / LGV / PCV licence in under a week
  • One of the highest pass rates in the UK
  • Access to 1000’s of jobs via our unique Jobs Portal
  • Super-competitive prices across the board - save £££’s with daily discounts.



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